Join Create Appalachia in our Johnson City (714 W. Walnut) or Kingsport (225 W. Center St.) Centers.

Create Appalachia

225 West Center Street, Kingsport, TN 37660

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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday closed


Air Conditioning

Utilities are included in your Create Appalachia membership and coworking and incubation spaces.


Lounge/common areas in both our Kingsport and Johnson City Centers include access to coffee makers, refrigerators, and other shared resources to fuel your creativity.

Educational Opportunities

Create Appalachia offers a range of entrepreneurship, business, and creative development classes as part of our Arts@Work and Arts@WorkPro series. Some are free to members, others have a modest fee, members above Community (free) and Student levels receiv

Ergonomic Chairs

Nothing promotes creativity and productivity more than a comfortable chair. We understand. Create Appalachia's Kingsport and Johnson City centers feature Rio ergonomic chairs at most workstations.

Furnished Offices

Private offices are available with furnishings or without. Most reservations are monthly, with discounts for longer contracts. Some furnished offices are set up for use by the day or week. See specific listings for more information.


Utilities are included in your Create Appalachia membership and coworking and incubation spaces.


Dedicated Workspace Cubicle memberships include lockable file cabinet storage at the open work cubicle.

Lounge / Chill-out Area

Comfortable common areas with soft seating, meeting tables, and white boards are available throughout the Centers.

Meeting Rooms

Both Centers include reservable Conference Room space. The Johnson City location has an open meeting room that can be arranged to seat 12 to 16 at a large conference table. Kingsport's private conference room seats 12 to 16 and has live-streaming and Zoom


Ample free parking is available near the entrance to both Create Appalachia Centers.


Color laser printer/copier is available for use at each Center. Stand-alone professional quality scanners, with transparency adaptors, are also on site. Please bring your own USB storage device to save your files.

TV / Monitor

Large TV/Monitors are available for presentations or shared viewing in the common areas. Computer labs also include TV/Monitors and mobile cart for instructor's laptop.


Many workstations include a stationary whiteboard wall area. Portable whiteboards on rolling stands are also available for use.


High speed WIFI and wired internet access is available to all members and day pass users. Johnson City Center is served by BrightRidge Broadband, Kingsport Center is served by Spectrum fiber optic.

Reserve Your Space

Photo of Conference Room, Johnson City Office

Conference Room, Johnson City Office

This open conference space seats 12 at one large table. Other amenities include projector, movable presentation computer on stand, white boards, and Wi-Fi.

Photo of Streaming Media Lab, Johnson City Office

Streaming Media Lab, Johnson City Office

Streaming presentation/recording computer workstation in a private office space with sound dampening—equipped with three screens, Canon camera, professional microphone, lighting, and green screen. Additional computer workstation with video and audio editing software. Stand up or…

Photo of Computer Lab in Johnson City

Computer Lab in Johnson City

The Computer Lab at Create Appalachia's Johnson City Center for Arts and Technology, is ideal for small classes and training sessions. The 10-seat hands-on computer lab includes an additional computer instruction station, projector, computer workstations…

Photo of Conference Room, Kingsport

Conference Room, Kingsport

Private Conference room on the first floor of the Create Appalachia headquarters in Kingsport. Rentable by the half or whole day. Space for up to 14 people around the conference table. Large screen 4K Smart…

Photo of Streaming Media Lab, Kingsport

Streaming Media Lab, Kingsport

This state-of-the-art real-time streaming lab is on the first floor of the Kingsport Center for Arts & Technology, and is designed for live presentations, remote collaborating, and online programming. This lab includes cameras, mics, and…

Photo of Print Lab, Kingsport

Print Lab, Kingsport

The Print Lab in the Kingsport office includes two large format Giclee printers (24" and 44" width), computer station for managing the print resources, flat bed scanner, and slide scanner. Archival paper resources are available,…

Photo of Private office, day use

Private office, day use

One-day access to furnished office on the second floor of the Kingsport Center. Available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday only, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Photo of Small Product Photography Studio, Kingsport

Small Product Photography Studio, Kingsport

Create Appalachia Kingsport Center has a small photo studio space with backdrops, green screen, lighting kits, worktable, tripod, and tabletop light booth for small product photography. This studio is available to private office members in…

Photo of Small Computer Lab/Classroom in Kingsport

Small Computer Lab/Classroom in Kingsport

The Small Computer Lab/Classroom in Kingsport is in Suite 122, adjacent to the Create Appalachia office. The classroom space includes a mobile podium for instructor’s personal laptop, projector, 6 complete computer workstations with state-of-the-art digital…

Photo of Computer Lab in Kingsport

Computer Lab in Kingsport

The larger computer lab in Kingsport includes a dedicated computer instructor station, large screen wall-mounted TV/monitor, 12 computer workstations with state-of-the-art digital media production software, ergonomic chairs, and white board walls. Rendering is available for…


225 West Center Street, Kingsport, TN 37660
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